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On YouTube Getting a Homeless Man a Job

How does a former radio announcer, left homeless and on the streets, garner job offers from the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL Films?

YouTube.  That’s how.

It’s a great story, and Mr. Williams’ voice really is incredible, but what makes this story so remarkable to me is how it demonstrates the sheer power of the medium. 

We’ve seen YouTube sensations get millions of hits and even record deals, but this is social media affecting profound change in the life of a person who lost their way.  All because a reporter decided to follow up and someone decided it belonged on YouTube.

This isn’t another story of the media machine trying to take advantage of viral popularity (if anything, it’s the other way around).  This is real and it’s quite amazing, really. 

Also, I might add, there’s a strange bit of zeitgeist in seeing YouTube help struggling radio find a second chance.

Just sayin’.