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On The iPad 3

Everyone please hold their horses and, if necesary, their friends’ horses as well.

I still want an iPad and I was waiting on iPad 2, now they’re telling me I should continue to hover my hand over my pocketbook in anticipation of the iPad 3 in September? I don’t buy it. (In the figurative sense — because I’m definitely buying an iPad of some variety in the literal sense).

A few months ago I posted On iPad 2 and iPhone rumours. While my call on the iPhone 4G was off, I’m still confident in its eventuality, and now I’m pinning my iPad 4G call to it as well.

Just this January, the Verizon iPhone was released to no one’s surprise. That said, I was surprised that it wasn’t 4G capable. But now I see what they’re doing (in the same way I read tea leaves and animal entrails — which is to say I don’t really).

The iPad 2 (or whatever it’s called) will be released in March/April as everyone has been “speculating,” but it won’t be the “iPad 4G” as I have uncouthly labelled it. It will no doubt be improved, but will still only have 3G models.

Instead, my guess is that this now much-buzzed about September release may be Apple’s 4G coming out party.

With the iPhone 4G likely debeuting in July and AT&T trying desperately to catch up and be ready, I suspect they will launch a 4G compatible iPad to capitalize on its GSM/CDMA capabilities at some point. That said, they won’t want to steal the iPhone’s thunder, but guess what Apple product line doesn’t get as much attention anymore and therefore could use some sizzle while keeping with the Cupertino Co’s predictable release schedule?

If you guessed something that’s a vowel removed from “iPad,” you’d be right.

So there it is. I don’t think the “iPad 3” is really anything to get too worked up about, unless you really care about 4G connection. I honestly don’t think Apple is going to do a major hardware upgrade in the same calendar year, especially since they didn’t do it for the Verizon iPhone.

This “iPad 3” will likely be similar to the Verizon iPhone launch — amazing news for some, but an option for most.