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What I want from an Apple TV

I’ve been reading some articles about what the new Apple TV — or iTV or whatever it’s called — will offer: Siri, motion control, cinema display…

That’s all well and good, but what I care about is the user experience. 

So as a user, let me provide a brief example of the experience I want to have with an Apple TV.

[Feet up, relaxed.]

“Siri, I want to watch Community.”

“Would you like to rent it from iTunes, watch it on Netflix, or find it playing live?”

“Find it playing live.”

“It’s going to be on tomorrow at 8pm.  Would you like me to put a reminder in your calendar?”

“No, but please record it.”

“Okay. I’ve set to record Community on channel 606, Tuesday May 8 at 8pm.”

“Perfect.  Actually, I also feel like watching it now, can you please bring up episodes of Community on Netflix.”

“Here are episodes of Community on Netflix.”

“Play Community season two, episode seven on Netflix.”

“Playing Community season two, episode seven on Netflix.

[Feet up, still relaxed]

If the new Apple TV is in the hands of providers like Rogers and Bell right now (as the rumours say it is), they’d better be integrating this kind of functionality into their “TV apps.” 

If anything, I’m sad Telus isn’t in on this right now.  I use Optik TV and their Optik TV app, and I think this would be a great adaptation.



On Why WWDC is More Important Than the Delayed iPhone

There’s been a lot of kerfuffle about the potential iPhone push back to September.  Is it a good thing?  Is it bad?

In my opinion, it’s a great thing.  And that’s not just because I don’t want to have to afford a new iPhone this summer. 

Dan Frommer wrote an excellent article about the positives of the iPhone delay that appeared on Yahoo Finance recently.  Building on his comments…  

Apple is OS driven, it’s why they prefer a closed ecosystem.  For them, product design is the process of creating the best hardware to leverage the OS.  In my estimation, June’s OS announcement will be pretty big.  They don’t just tease stuff like this for fun, people — Apple takes their OS very seriously.

Is it a closer linking between iOS and Mac OS?  Maybe cloud-based sharing for all Apple devices?  Steve only knows.

Apple fanboys and casual consumers alike are probably disappointed, if antsy about the delay. 

And from a marketing perspective, Apple’s getting exactly what they want.  

If they can follow through on some new, potentially revolutionary features and functionality, it’ll almost guarantee demand for their product(s).  It’s tough to say if the hardware will necessarily be all that new, but we can be sure they’ll be able to fully realize the new OS features, which is what Apple’s all about.

A few other reasons:

  • Let the Verizon / CDMA user-ship increase before pushing an upgrade on them.
  • Let AT&T and others (I’m looking at you, Rogers) catch up and implement their LTE 4G network so that the new phone and likely iPad (could be the “September iPad / iPad 3” some have been rumour mongering about) can leverage multiple carriers. 
  • Give developers time to play with the new OS features to make the
    product(s) more robust at release.

There are lots of potential reasons for Apple to delay the product release, but none more important than ensuring the OS and features are at the centre of it all.  iOS, the apps, the user experience — it’s always been what drives the line of iProducts, not the hardware.

As for the iDevices?  They know we want them.  They know we’ll probably buy them anyway.  More importantly, they know that making us wait won’t change a thing. 

Except maybe build anticipation (read: frothing frenzy of fanboys) once we see what they can do.