On Main & Hastings

The search is on.  The Pacific Palisades is going kaput and we need to secure a place with our wedding date available.  We’ve already booked vendors and whatnot, so changing the date isn’t really much of an option for us.

Hayley is in overdrive (and stressing out a bit), but she just scored huge on the “unique venue” front.  She found this place: District 319, an old theatre that’s been renovated and modernized.  Normally used for screenings and events of that ilk, it’s definitely cool and after a few pictures we easily envision our wedding there.  There’s a screen, a stage and moveable theatre chairs.  Plus the screening room / threatre opens up into a lounge and bar area where we can have standing tables, drinks and even bring in our own food (as visions of a giant roast pig off a spit dance in my father’s head). 

“Brilliant!” we cried.   “We’re saved!” we cheered.  Crisis.  Averted.  Psh — take that, Cruel Fate; your curveball just got smoked into the upper deck. 

With barely contained optimism, we requested more information and a price quote.  In the meantime, what could be better, we thought, than a little drive by to check it out?  Plonk on down to Main St. in the car, look for 319, smile at each other and head home.  That’s what was supposed to happen. 

As you can tell from the title of this post, Cruel Fate caught my fly ball and threw it right back at my junk. 

Main and Hastings.  It’s on Main and Hsatings!  Who builds a great venue with so much potential on Main and Hastings?  We can’t use that place.  “Hi, mom!  Yeah, just park around the corner by the Number 5 Orange, pass the small pile of needles on the left, head toward the overwhelming scent of urine, and it’ll be on the right.”  Yyyeahno.  Can’t do it.

At a loss, we drove around some more, scanning the downtown lights and windows as we passed, praying that some wedding planning deity would shine a heavenly stream of light on the one perfect venue we had simply overlooked.

Didn’t happen.

We drove by District 319 again, staring at it in disappointment, anger, disbelief and a bit of hope.  Then we saw blue and red lights flashing as we passed.  Can’t do it.


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