On Weddings & Condominiums

I’m new to this.  Since it’s my first post, I suppose I’m insulting your deductive reasoning.  I’ve been procrastinating about starting this blog for months, but I finally found something worth getting starting on: my wedding.

Now I understand it may seem a bit strange to hear wedding news from a guy’s perspective, but 1) I’m sure there will be plenty of Canucks content going up over time, and 2) our venue is being turned into condominiums after the Olympics and we have just over 8 months to find a new place to get hitched before everyone gets engaged over Christmas.  But let me back the train up a bit.

I’m getting married at the end of next summer to Hayley, the love of my life, and I couldn’t be more excited (yay me!).  We got started on the venue search back in June and knew we didn’t want to do the same old hotel or banquet hall wedding.  We wanted somewhere a little bit funky and unique.  Now I don’t know how many of you have tried to find somewhere “different” for a wedding, but going off the beaten path lands you in expensive-town.  Unique venues are like nice clothes: they look really good, and you want them, but you’re always surprised they cost so much.  

After dealing with conservative parents (mine), an aneimc budget (ours) and well-gnashed teeth (hers), we finally settled on the Pacific Palisades hotel down on Robson & Jervis.  After looking at all the options it was our best choice. The ceremony could be outside, Zin Restaurant would cater, we’d be right downtown for great photos, plus it was still a hotel (meaning we could get a comped room or amenities and my parents would sense value) — sold.  Hayley has been planning out colour schemes, decorative ideas and other neat ideas for months now.

Fast forward to two days ago. 

We’ve been put on notice.  As of April 30, 2010, The Pacific Palisades will become another set of downtown condominiums.  Gabriella, our contact at Pacific Palisades, is very nice and has been as helpful as she can be considering the cirumstances.  Yes, our wedding has seen a setback, but this woman just found out she lost her job and has to spend the next few weeks dealing with people likely much angrier than me (because I’m not really an angry kinda guy).  I hope she’ll be okay.

Like any man dealing with a bride, I was pretty freaking nervous about breaking the news to Hayley, but I did and, sure enough, the gnashing of teeth has returned, bringing its friends, sore neck and headaches.  The quest we gladly abandoned is once again afoot.  Thank God Hayley’s really good at researching this stuff, because, like most men, I’m more of the “pick something and get it done” variety.  She’s already hot on the heels of a few venues and we’ve even staked one out.  It’s a doozy.  I’ll share more on that soon.


2 responses to “On Weddings & Condominiums

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  2. nice to hear more about your wedding planning since your announcement!! I let my wife and her family do all the planning!! I’m such a douche!!! best wishes!! see you in January!!

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